Best Vacuum For Pet Hair – A Top 5 List

VacuumIf you have pets, you definitely love them to death. However, one of the biggest hassles you face on a daily basis as a pet owner is cleaning up of their hair. Whether it is on furniture, on the stairs, or simply on the floor, it always feels like a never ending battle. This is why you need to read on to find the best vacuum for pet hair.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away

This vacuum is perfect for everyday use and its popularity is probably because of the value it provides. In the Shark Navigator Lift-Away, the suction power is always preserved unlike other vacuums that lose their suction power over time. It retains its suction power since it uses a unique filtering and dirt collection process. For pets, the vacuum specifically comes with a turbo pet brusher for lifting off pet hairs in problem areas. In addition, it comes with a lightweight base as well as swivel steering.

Eureka Pet Lover

The Eureka Pet Lover weighs less than 9 pounds and is reasonably priced. The vacuum comes with an extra rotating brush that is designed to suck and pull pet hair out of practically anything. Most users of the vacuum have discovered that it works quite well if you have cat litter issues. With the extra Arm & Hammer dust bag, you will definitely notice a great difference in the smell of your home.

Miele S7260

The Miele S7260 is catered to animals specifically and it comes with a unique brush that will automatically adjust to the surface that you use it on. While some vacuums may use different tools to pick up pet hairs from various surfaces, this vacuum lets you use the same device the entire time. The vacuum also comes with a top of the line HEPA filter and an auto close filter bag.

Dyson DC65 Animal Complete

This vacuum is admittedly more expensive than others on this list. However, if you are looking for nothing short of the best vacuum for pet hair, the ball technology found in a Dyson is comparable to none. If you have ever used a Dyson before, you probably know that it is very easy to move around. The vacuum comes with a tangle-free turbine tool that uses counter rotating heads with in-built brushes for pulling the hard to reach pet debris from various surfaces such as floors and furniture.

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind

The Hoover Pet rewind comes with lots of add-on tools designed specifically for handling pet hair. Made using special rubber material, it can remove pet hair from any furniture that you may have, quite effortlessly. The vacuum also comes with a 27-foot long cord, which means that you will not have to be plugging and unplugging it from room to room. For better storage, the vacuum has a folding handle.

Conclusion of Best Vacuum For Pet Hair

In the past, getting rid of pet hair from your furniture and other surfaces using a vacuum was quite difficult. However, advances in technology have led to the development of better vacuums for getting rid of pet hair. If you have been looking for the best vacuum for pet hair you will definitely find it among the five discussed above.