Foods that make you more sexually active

Foods That Make You More Sexually Active

There are foods that can improve your sex life. Stress, everyday routine and our lifestyle often make it difficult for us to enjoy completely satisfying sex life. However, if we follow some advice to change our habits, we will feel better. This is the subject of the following article.

A person’s sex life is determined by a combination of physical, psychological and social factors. It is very likely that you do not have a particularly strong sexual desire when you are going through a difficult time. In order to experience satisfactory sexuality, it also requires health, and this key element rests on four pillars: physical activity, sleep hygiene, relaxation, and just healthy eating.

Foods that make you more sexually active

Foods That Make You More Sexually Active
Foods That Make You More Sexually Active

Nutrition is the basis of our life on this earth. It may be the reason that it will get sick, it is or it will stay – or that we will be healthy. It is not surprising that certain foods can help us increase sexual desire.

For the reproductive system to work for us, hormones like testosterone, dopamine and some estrogens are needed. The body produces it itself – especially good and a lot of it with the right nutrition. Vitamin D is also a sex booster. And then we’ll explain why chili peppers are spicy …

Olive oil

Olive oil has been known for thousands of years as one of the healthiest foods in the world. Its antioxidant properties protect against diseases, its fatty acids are important for the development of a number of endogenous hormones – the olive has long been considered a symbol of power, purity, and fertility. By the way: Olive oil has also been used since ancient times as a lubricant.


Honey has been used since antiquity as a strong aphrodisiac and as a possible remedy for certain sexual dysfunctions. Honey is a food with many nutrients that fill the whole body with vitality. Among its many qualities, honey also increases testosterone levels in the blood. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for increasing libido and enhancing orgasm in men and women.


There are now a number of studies that confirm the aphrodisiac effect of nuts: the many healthy fats, vitamins, and fiber alone protect the blood vessels and stimulate natural hormone production, and some studies have recently found out that some nut species have the sperm Improve quality in men and thus contribute to fertility. Best: try it out.


Even the Aztecs attributed to the avocado libido-strengthening powers and called them “ahuacatl” due to their appearance, which means “testicles”. The fruit is a potassium source and rich in vitamin B6, which has a positive effect on pleasure.


Eggs are better: here, too, the trace elements are contained, such as zinc, potassium, and selenium, which can be beneficial to the potency and facilitate the play of the sperm for those who have the reproductive in mind.


Some fatty sea fish such as herring, tuna or salmon contain exactly those omega-3 fatty acids that stimulate the blood circulation and are therefore also counted as natural aphrodisiacs. This explains why the Mediterranean man has such a good reputation in this respect: it is his diet.


As a “natural Viagra” the chili pepper is praised in many places. And indeed: The agitator is a first-class cycle-in-gear. The happy hormone endorphin is also released, blood circulation stimulated and … Essential oils ensure that even the lady has more fun and if she does not like chili, helps a little ginger.


The broccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables ever: It is particularly rich in minerals such as zinc, potassium, calcium, iron, and sodium, it stimulates the natural production of hormones and helps on the other hand with its phytochemicals in the treatment of serious diseases such as prostate cancer.


A number of berry fruits, as some independent studies have found out in recent years, have such high levels of antioxidants as vitamin C, iron, magnesium, and other cell preservatives that their action protects the blood vessels to such an extent, that it can be used to delay potential heart disease. The formation of calcium deposits can be prevented and in conjunction with an otherwise equally healthy lifestyle, the regular enjoyment of blueberries can positively enrich the love life.

In addition

Flavonoids in berries make the penis supple

If you add a few berries, apples or oranges to your muesli then you have a real power pack of healthy nutrients. Because even the flavonoids contained in the fruit help to strengthen the little friend and to build up the penile tissue, which is so important for an erection.

Watermelon, Cucumber: makes the penis strong

Especially in the summer, the heat often makes it easier to eat fresh vegetables, salads or fruit. Did you know that a quarter of watermelon at the lake is also conducive to a hot interlude in the evening? Because it contains citrulline, an amino acid component, can also be found in cucumbers and zucchini, releases the drug arginine.

If you sprinkle a few sunflower seeds or sesame seeds over your summer salad, your penis is especially strong.

Nuts contain a lot of arginines

But nuts can also provide momentum in sex life again. Generally, they are considered very healthy thanks to their valuable fatty acids. A handful of unsalted almonds or hazelnuts (about 200 grams) are enough here.

Tip: eat better throughout the day. Alternatively, you can eat only 100 grams of nuts, plus 200 grams of tuna or salmon.