How Do Portable Oxygen Concentrators Work

Portable oxygen concentrators

The portable oxygen concentrator is a useful device that can be used for medical purposes. It is a device that can be bought as a portable variant or as a stationary variant.

This oxygen concentrator is a helpful device for the person who can always give him fresh oxygen.

Now everyone will be well looked after and can also be sure to catch their breath. Anyone who suffers from a lung ailment or has another illness will need and need to use a portable oxygen concentrator.

Then this person is certainly glad if the device is not too heavy and can be taken anywhere.

Because it can be bought with an easy to carry and to be transported oxygen device, which is really perfect to go out with it or just to do something with the family.

But to make it so far, it is important that the device is properly maintained. But wait, that’s not necessary here.

How do portable oxygen concentrators work

A portable oxygen concentrator should, as the name implies, increase the oxygen concentration of the ambient air and then supply the now concentrated with oxygen air to the consumer.

The nitrogen contained in the air is filtered through a certain filter membrane or through a molecular sieve, which only blocks the molecules of oxygen, and separated from the air.

Thus, the oxygen content of the air increases by up to 96 percent. In the final phase, the filtered nitrogen in the oxygen concentrator is removed from the filters and the concentrated oxygen is released to the consumer.

An oxygen concentrator works in much the same way as an air conditioner. It absorbs air, adjusts it and expels it again.

An oxygen concentrator takes in air and purifies it for people who have low oxygen levels in their blood for medical reasons.

  • The steps are as follows:
  • Air intake from the environment
  • Compressing air, while the cooling mechanism ensures that the oxygen concentrator does not overheat
  • Removal of nitrogen from the absorbed air via filters
  • Emit according to the settings of the oxygen concentrator
  • The purified oxygen is supplied via oxygen goggles or a mask

As indicated above, oxygen concentrators come in two types: stationary models and portable models. A portable oxygen concentrator is useful when you go out.

You can even take the most portable oxygen concentrators on the plane. A stationary oxygen concentrator is intended for home use and is more economical than a portable oxygen concentrator.

What are the advantages of portable oxygen concentrator?

The user can always use the support and will benefit from it. Because only then can everyone make sure to always get good and above all clean air.

This ensures above all that thanks to the portable oxygen concentrator the condition is not worsened. So that the portable oxygen concentrator is always ready for use, of course, a battery is included. This will make it even better possible to use the device well.

If the battery runs out too fast or threatens to be empty, then it is necessary to immediately search for a power source.

The user will also find this portable oxygen concentrator very well in the design. So he gets a device that can really be more than helpful and can guarantee him a good oxygen supply.

The user is always well advised hereby.

The portable oxygen concentrator is certainly useful for this person if they want to travel. Because even then there is a good solution. There are also these devices for children.

Then there are also suitable masks for the children. As a result, the child is optimally supplied with fresh air and will appreciate that very much.

These people will then certainly need a good oxygen concentrator. Therefore, everyone should be well advised in advance to find the right concentrator. Even your own family doctor will be of great help to find a good device.