How to Buy a Used Boat From a Private Seller

Are you planning to buy a second-hand boat, but you don’t know exactly which important points to look out for? With the help of the checklist below, we want to offer you some guidance and support when purchasing a sloop or boat.

When you go through this step by step you know that the most important parts of the ship are in order. After which you can raise any negatives and discuss them with the seller.

In this way, you are better able to negotiate and ultimately come to a better deal.

General tips for buying a boat: How to buy a used boat from a private seller

The points below are useful when you want to buy a boat from a dealer or private individual.

  • Try to investigate whether the asking price of the ship offered is realistic. View comparable ships in the different versions and try to determine by fair comparison whether the proportions appear realistic;
  • Is the seller reliable? When you buy a boat through brokerage sites such as Marktplaats, it is useful to delve into the seller. How long has it been active, does he/she sell many products and do other people have bad or good experiences with this seller? If you want to buy from a company, Facebook and Google reviews are handy to read;
  • Check if the CIN code is on the boat. This is as it were the chassis number of your boat and should be attached or engraved on the starboard side of the vessel’s mirror;
  • The builder’s plate with CE marking, information about the builder, the CE category, the maximum number of people and weight are placed in a visible place from the helm.
  • The vessel’s manual is available;
  • There is proof that the VAT has been paid;
  • If you come across a brand, ask the Land Registry whether the ship is still registered and whether there is still financing on the ship;
  • The declaration of conformity (VVO) is present;
  • Sign the Purchase Agreement Used Recreational Craft and record agreements made regarding the price, delivery, and repair of any defects herein.

Buy a boat from private individuals

When you buy a second-hand boat from private traders, there are a number of important points to look out for.

  • Go through the general and technical points carefully! If you notice some tension or opposition from the seller while checking, there is a good chance that something is not quite right. Listen carefully to your own feelings;
  • Before making a test run, have the seller sign the Declaration on Test Run to give permission for the test run;
  • Ask for the reason for the sale. This can often lead to useful information;
  • Ask about the defects of the vessel. The seller has a duty to disclose and must provide the seller with information about the defects he/she is aware of;
  • Have the vessel inspected by an independent expert;
  • When you buy from a private individual you have no guarantee! If you have complaints after the purchase, in some cases you can hold the seller liable for this under the law. Because of this, it is also important to properly record everything in the purchase agreement before purchasing.
  • Always have a payment made through the bank.

Technical points for the purchase of a boat

You will usually find a lot of equipment onboard your boat. Just like the engine, it is useful to check this equipment before you proceed with the purchase.

  • Check the color of the engine oil. Is it very dark and/or does it contain dirt such as metal chips? Then there is a good chance that the engine block is damaged or suffers from wear. If the oil smells burned, then this is not a good sign and it is wise to let a professional look at it;
  • Check the quality of the cables and hoses. Many of the snakes aboard a ship can dry out or wear out as they age. This may cause the hoses to rupture. Check them carefully and check for possible damage;
  • Check the technical areas to see, for example, whether water has not been in it for a long time;
  • Take a test run! This is a very important part of the purchasing process and can reveal any defects. Make sure the vessel is started with a cold engine to check if it is working properly;
  • Check whether the rudder works well and has no play;
  • Check if the ship is accelerating well and the engine is not faltering;
  • Test all equipment on board the ship, from the fridge to the depth sounder;
  • Check what maintenance has been done on the ship. Is there something striking about it? Then delve further into this or ask the seller.
  • For polyester vessels, have a moisture measurement done by a professional or inspector? This way you know for sure that the ship has no osmosis.

More certainty when buying a boat

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