How To Keep Live Aquarium Plants

Grow Your Own Live Aquarium Plants!

Have you been thinking about a planted aquarium for your fish? Or you want to improve your current aquarium? A fully planted aquarium can be extremely beneficial to your fish and aesthetically stunning!Image result for Live Aquarium Plants

Getting started or improving your current tank setup isn’t always easy, but we’re here to help you get the most for your plants, tank and fish. Once you know what you’re doing, it only gets easier to get more and more out of plants and build the truly amazing aquarium that you’ve been dreaming of.

So, What’s In It For Me…Image result for Live Aquarium Plants

And My Fish?

The largest aspect of keeping a fish-only aquarium is trying to overcome problems which can be resolved by growing live aquarium plants. Diseases such as Ich and Columnaris are more common and it is harder to keep on top of filtration to keep the aquarium as healthy as possible. The main contributions made by plants are:


In a fish-only aquarium, the filter is the only method of filtration available. Regardless of the aquarium inhabitants or how good it is, any filter, when not completely clean becomes less effective.

In a planted aquarium chemical and biological filtration is not as important. Only mechanical filtration (cycling water through filter media) is strictly necessary..


Fish-only aquariums often contain an airstone which attempts to keep oxygen levels high enough for fish to breathe. In a planted aquarium, the plants will provide all the oxygen needed through photosynthesis.


Live aquarium plants are much closer to the natural environment of your fish and they will be comforted by this. Ultimately this in itself leads to lower levels of stress and disease.


Not all fish will eat plants, but of those that do, plants can be a great nutritious addition to their diet. Keeping aquatic plants takes some of the pressure off of us as the owners.

Algae Control

Algae can be a serious problem in aquariums, even in very low light, particularly fish-only aquariums. By competing for nutrients and light to make food, plants literally starve algae to death.