How to start exercising if you are obese

How to start exercising if you are obese? The first thing I need to mention is that if you are going to make the decision to move your body (yeah you!), You must also commit to a healthier eating plan.

You can not surpass a bad diet and it has a lot of help on the web to help you start your journey by eating neatly.

That said, exercising when you are overweight or obese can be a monumental challenge. Things that are easy for a midsize person can put too much stress on your joints and cause knee or hip pain.

In addition, things that are easy to maneuver for a person of average height, such as a stationary bike or a ball, may not work with your body size. Let’s take a look at some exercise choices that work best for overweight or obese people.

Let’s know ‘How to start exercising if you are obese’

Know your body’s abilities

Know your body’s abilities first. The point is don’t force yourself if you want to do sports. If you are only able to run without stopping 50 meters, just do it first and then slowly increase.

If you force yourself to do it constantly, your body can get injured.

Lots of injury cases are experienced by those who are obese while doing sports. Injuries experienced are often triggered by a sense of wanting to do everything instantly and quickly.

Unfortunately, exercise cannot be done quickly because it requires a lot of practice to run perfectly.

Use the right sports equipment

Whatever type of exercise you do, safety and comfort are the main things. Do not exercise with a spirit of passion and determination. If anything happens to the body, you will experience problems yourself.

Therefore, always pay attention to the procedure and use sports equipment appropriately.

Suppose you want to do sports in the form of healthy walking or jogging. The first tool that must be prepared is loose clothing and comfortable shoes.

Use shoes that are suitable for running. Not using shoes to go to the office. then choose shoes that are comfortable and not too narrow.


The number one choice for doctors, fitness professionals, and most average people is the simple walk. It’s a low-impact program, easy to do and accessible to everyone.

You do not need a gym membership or a coach. Just walk out of your home or look for the nearest mall or grocery store and take a few steps inland.

Do not forget to start small. Even 2 to 5 minutes a day during the first week is a good goal. After that, you can add 2 minutes every three days.

The recumbent bike

A recumbent bike is another way to avoid having too much impact on your joints. Of course, the first thing that can come to mind for an obese person (and most other people for that matter) is the obnoxiously small size of the bike seat. But I’m not talking about a regular right bike with the little seat.

Look for a recumbent bike and take your workout from another angle. The recumbent bike leans back, removing the weight from the body from the back and allowing you to move your legs from an inclined position.

Your feet are in front of you, which facilitates circulation and has no impact! In addition, the seats of these bikes are larger, so they will not be so troublesome.

Exercises in the water

Gravity can be an inconsistent friend when you’re overweight, which brings us to the beauty of aquatic exercise. Water reduces the gravitational load on your body up to 90 percent!

This makes your joints much happier and allows for a greater range of motion. In addition, water brings with it a wide variety of choices.

Aquatic exercise classes abound and can be a fun choice for the social creature in you. Go to the gym, recreation center or high school closest to you to see what may be available.

Many communities offer low-cost courses for residents. Would you rather do it alone? Walking in the water or jogging is an excellent choice.

Or maybe you have swimming lessons to resurrect from your past. Swimming puts your whole body at work and gives you a feeling of freedom under the water that you can not find anywhere else.

Elliptical machines

A large fitness center may not be your first choice. However, different shots for different people and if you are not afraid to get into such an installation, you have a big advantage.

There is a variety of exercise machines that provide an opportunity to train at low impact.

The most popular and most effective of these is undoubtedly the elliptical machine. Although these machines are available in many varieties and all look a little different, they are essentially the same.

Your legs and arms move back and forth, raising your heart rate and allowing you to use your time effectively. Keep the resistance low to moderate to protect your knees and move at a comfortable and easy pace for a while.

Light Weights

Muscle training is important for people of all sizes. Strengthening your muscles will help you boost your metabolism and eliminate some of the excess fat.

Using light weights to start is all you need to roll the ball. Look for dumbbells of 3 or 5 kilos no more.

Increase exercise intensity

Once you are able to exercise well, do not stop at the same place. Suppose you are able to lift weights up to 20 kg. If you are able to do it, you are advised to add more force to 25 kg or if it is not strong 22.5 kg. do it gradually so that body strength also increases.

The more burden you lift, the body will increasingly need calories. Eventually, a large metabolism will occur to supply the energy needed by the body.

As a result, the fat in the body will be eroded.

Hopefully, the reviews above can make you more diligent in exercising and keeping your body from getting bigger and having lots of fat.

If you don’t start today, want to wait until late?