Highest Resolution PenTile Panel in a Smartphone

I just got my hands on what is currently the highest resolution PenTile panel with pixels at 325 dpi. This resolution is very similar to the dpi in an iPhone 4.  It is  in a smartphone from a major brand supplier that is not Motorola.

As it turns out, this display is a PenTile RGBW LCD rather than a PenTile RGBG OLED.  I measured the white luminance at about 400 nits.

Any guesses from the phone experts which phone this might be?

7 comments on “Highest Resolution PenTile Panel in a Smartphone

    • leobg, you are absolutely correct! The Nokia E6 is the highest resolution PenTile that is currently on the market. Are you personally familiar with this phone?

      • Sorry I am coming back so late. I have an E72 which I considered replacing with E6. I am using past tense as I am likely not going to do it. Reason is not the screen of course. I’d say the screen is a positive reason to make me consider it.
        It is just how Nokia dropped the ball on Symbian. Maybe once I see how “Belle” runs on it I might reconsider. But for now I will pass. I wish other hardware specs, especially RAM were better.

    • Good guess, but as far as I know the Nexus Prime hasn’t yet shipped. The phone I am talking about is currently in customers hands in Europe and elsewhere and can be bought unlocked anywhere.

      If the rumored specs for the Nexus Prime are correct (1280 x 720) that would sit at the impressive spec of 316dpi, but the mystery phone is 325 dpi!

  1. So sorry, bschwamp, but no prize. The mystery phone is a PenTile RGBW LCD and the rumors for the Nexus Prime is that it is an OLED.I appreciate your guess. Please keep trying.

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