Just Look for Yourself

While it seems fashionable to criticize PenTile technology, increasingly we are reading blogs that refer to PenTile displays as  “oft maligned” but “looks fine to me”.   The reality is that as PenTile technology has moved to the higher end of resolution >300 ppi it doesn’t look less than sharp.  One example was this recent post regarding the RGBW in the Nokia E6.  Most people do not even realize that this display is a PenTile LCD.


This author, who never specifically noted that this displays was PenTile technology,  commented:

“…But we have no issues with the crispness and the brightness of the display as it works well with 640 x 480 …”

It comes down to looking at PenTile displays for yourself and not being misled by any negative blogs or claims of fuzzy text.

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