Makita MAC700

Makita MAC700 Air Compressor Review

Makita MAC700The Makita MAC700 is one of the smallest, yet versatile electric air compressors offered by Makita.

Rated as one of the best compact air compressors on the market by homeowners, hobbyists and do-it-yourselfers, the Makita MAC700 big bore pump produces more power with reduced operating noise levels of 80 decibels, far below other competing models.

With innovative technology, the Makita MAC700 is an ideal air compressor to handle all household emergencies from flat bicycle tires and deflated air mattresses, to light professional contractor construction applications.

With low-amp draw, the Makita MAC700 start-up requires no dedicated circuit, operating efficiently on standard 110v household voltage.

2HP Big-Bore Engineered Pump

The Makita MAC700 incorporates a cast iron, oil-lubricated cylinder pump for increased compression, faster recovery and greatly reduced overall operating noise. With increased engineering, commonly associated with Makita tools, the Makita MAC700 air compressor is designed for durability even under the most extreme conditions.

Oil-lubricated technology increases pump longevity with reduced internal wear and less maintenance. The Makita MAC700 pump operates at lower temperatures requiring less than half of the RPM’s of competing models with consistent, uninterrupted air flow.

Producing maximum psi (pounds per square inch) displacement of 130psi, the Makita MAC700 2hp big bore pump, best-in-class engineering is evident.

Features of the Makita MAC700

Features of the Makita MAC700 are designed to implement the latest in design technology for maximum performance which includes:

  • 2.6 gallon capacity holding tank
  • Lower noise omissions with a quiet1,720 RPM pump displacement.
  • Lower amp draw reducing tripped electrical breakers and voltage drops on initial start-ups, a primary cause of premature motor failure.
  • Roll-bar handle for greater mobility and added protection from falling debris.
  • Easily accessible oil drain and sight glass.
  • Large industrial styled air filter for increased air intake.
  • Built-in thermal overload protection for additional motor/pump protection
  •  Rugged lever action ball handle tank drain designed to withstand all inclement weather conditions.
  • One year warranty covering all part and associated labor.

Shipped completed with manufacturer suggested lubricating oil and quick coupler, the Makita MAC700 relative small appearance produces large results.

Here is what one owner had to say about the Makita MAC700 Air Compressor:

“The unit actually had Styrofoam and cardboard packing to keep it from bouncing around the box as others stated. No damage what so ever.  It’s all as the reviews stated.  It’s super quiet unlike most direct drive compressors.  Yes a bit heavy but good carry handle with a good rubber grip.  Overall – I’m well pleased.  You could use it for very small home jobs that allow you to wait on recovery of pressure which is pretty fast. (BC)

Pros and Cons of the MakitaMAC700


With supportive recommendations from thousands of present Makita MAC700 owners based on overall satisfaction and performance, this small appearing air compressor continues to receive high rankings versus all other similar manufacturers’ models. Where the pros far outweigh the cons, the Makita MAC700 is designed to perform, effectively and continually without failure.

  • Cool running, oil-lubricated pump for increased longevity.
  • Quiet operation, ideal for residential basement hobby shops.
  • Cast iron construction for durable, reliable operation from home to construction sites.


  • Due to the oil- lubrication pump, this compact, multi-use air compressor requires minimal,  periodic annual maintenance.
  • Some consumers report that the Makita MAC700 is heavy. Although this air compressor weighs a combined total of approximately 60lbs due to the cast iron cylinder, construction, air compressors with aluminum cylinders commonly fail under repetitive use.

With a reputation that is superseded by leading-edge innovation in engineered air compressors,  the Makita Tool Corporation encompasses a wide spectrum of air compressors with practical everyday uses.

With savings up to 40% off manufacturers’ suggested retail pricing on the online website,, the Makita MAC700 will compliment any and all tools presently used.

Overall Views

With an impressive 4.4 star rating out of a possible 5 star total on, the Makita MAC700 is the ideal air compressor for the home with probable light to medium commercial applications.

With over 300 positive reviews available, the Makita MAC700 air compressor is highly recommended to all consumers who seek quality and versatility in a small air compressor with big potential.