Metal Chop Saw

Metal Chop Saw Reviews- 2020

Metal Chop Saw

A metal chop saw maybe a term generally used for cutting various sorts of metal. Its usual design may be a motor and cutting wheel mounted on a rotating arm and connected to a base plate that’s fixed. It can easily traverse forged iron, i-beams, sheet, steel pipe, or chunky angle stock.

Metal chop saws are commonly used for cutting mostly rigid materials at a hard and fast angle. they typically have abrasive blades or cold saw blades (more about these blades later on).

John Cappa of the Four Wheeler Network says that a metal chop saw maybe a tool for efficiently making rough cuts within the tubing, bar stock, and even steel plates in vehicles. it’s usually designed to sink and cut with a chopping action.

Should I buy one?

Get a metal chop saw if you’ve got huge metal cutting projects to figure with. it’ll lessen your cutting load. If you would like precise cuts, then this sort of saw works definitely well for you.

There are many chop saws available on the market today. All brands have different features and benefits, counting on your preferences. If you’re trying to find the very best grade metal cutting chop saw, there are many factors to think about. These considerations include but not limited to industrial performance, quality, motor power, and blade type.

2. Motor

A chop saw should have a minimum of a 15 amp motor, especially if you often cut any kind of tubing for cages and bumpers of automobiles. the utmost motor horsepower for chop saws is 4HP. Chop saws that have 4HP and a 15 amp motor are top-of-the-line and can definitely increase productivity.

The recommendation is to seem for a chop saw that features a strong motor but has low speeds. the rationale behind this is often because it causes little to no spark.

3. Vise Assembly

A sturdy vise is additionally necessary for excellent chop saws because its main function is to lock the tool in situ. There are some chop saw vises that have a quick-release or quick-lock feature. it’s recommended that you simply choose these saws because this enables for quick clamping on various sizes of materials, which increases productivity.

4. Fence

The fence provides an accurate angle between the plane of the blade and therefore the plane of the longest workpiece edge. Without a fence, you won’t be ready to make effective cuts. An adjustable angle fence is convenient because you’ll be ready to position the workpieces at precise angles.

5. Spark Deflectors

Most chop saws have spark deflectors. because the name suggests, it’s wont to deflect sparks faraway from surrounding persons and materials. confirm that the spark deflectors are adjustable.

6. Safety Features

A good metal chop saw always has safety features. It includes a blade guard or an eye fixed protection plate. Please note to wear proper protective gear whenever cutting with a metal chop saw.

7. Warranty

Most metal chop saws have 3 year warranty. Search for an in-depth warranty just in case the metal chop saw the break.