Altered photos showing PenTile comparisons to create a “grainy” effect

Today we’re seeing a lot of coverage about our new WQXGA tablet display module.  We’re proud of the positive reviews and reactions so far. One post caught our eye, from Phandroid, who posted some comparison graphics between PenTile SAMOLED and LCD-TFT displays. Unfortunately the source of the graphic was not cited, but it appears to our expert eye that someone has manually edited the SAMOLED image to superimpose an artificial grid over the top of the pixel structure. Their goal is to highlight a perceived problem of “graininess,” but unfortunately all the graphic does is confuse the viewer about what the real display looks like.

The piece also compares a color PenTile display to a black and white image. Which is not apples to apples at all… and no way to allow a viewer to truly compare the two displays. Please, in the future, give readers a fair opportunity to compare apples to apples by offering a fair and accurate comparison visual.

Questionable images aside, we and Phandroid can fortunately agree on one point: The super-definition of our newest tablet display will offer tremendous benefits over LCDs of the same resolution.

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