Award Winning PenTile Display

It seems that one of the displays using PenTile technology has received an award, the Silver Display of the Year Award (see below).  Actually the award was given to Samsung SMD who created the display for the Samsung Galaxy S that used innovative methods for combining an OLED display with an optically bonded capacitive touch panel that was a big part of the Galaxy S success.  Many bloggers have already noted that this display was PenTile RGBG.  For some time now Samsung SMD has been demonstrating  and selling displays using PenTile OLED in sizes of 3.1-inch, 3.3-inch, 3.5-inch, 3.7-inch,  4.0-inch and 4.1-inch.  It is great to know that the prestigious Society of Information Display has recognized the “exceptional display quality” of this design.

The press release on this year’s awards can be found here:


Silver Award: Samsung Mobile Display On-cell Touch AMOLED

Samsung Mobile Display developed its OCTA – on-cell touch active-matrix light-emitting diode (AMOLED) – display to meet the ever-increasing performance and industrial design demands of today’s modern mobile devices. Unlike prior-generation touch-capable mobile displays, the OCTA display integrates the touch sensor onto the display itself, rather than fabricating the sensor on a separate glass substrate and then laminating it onto the display. This innovation, embodied in the OCTA’s projected capacitive touch detection technology, greatly reduces product weight and thickness, while increasing touch performance and response via the multi-sensor input capability that enables gesture recognition for the most advanced mobile devices. Moreover, because AMOLEDs are self-emissive, no backlight is required, allowing the Samsung OCTA display to deliver very high performance and exceptional display quality, with highly accurate and sensitivity-optimized touch input, in a module that is less than 2 mm thick and provides nearly 100-percent light transmission and exceptional outdoor visibility.

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