back pain with inversion tables

Relieve stress and back pain with inversion tables

It is inevitable that over the course of our lives that gravity would have an effect on our backs. All those years of compression is bound to cause pain. But there is a solution that counteracts this effect and has a number of other health benefits.

Inversion tables from Global Health Savers offer relief from back pain caused by the compression of vertebrae. They also relieve muscle stress and improve blood flow.

While it is gravity over time that causes problems, it is this same gravity that helps alleviate problems – if you make use of one of the excellent quality inversion tables from Global Health Savers. Turn gravity to your body’s advantage!

The improved blood flow and reduction of back pain using inversion tables has the effect of improving your mental alertness and reduce levels of fatigue.

How do inversion tables work?

Inversion tables are like comfortable benches that pivot so the user can be positioned either right side up or upside down.

Unlike therapies where the spine is mechanically stretched (a potentially dangerous approach), inversion tables use the gentle force of gravity to ease back pain caused by the compression of the vertebrae in your spine. And the increased blood flow will bring relief to your whole body! This happens in a way that it couldn’t without the help of gravity.

In essence, what inversion tables do is that they use the force of gravity as a natural form of traction to increase the distance between your vertebrae. This reduces pressure on nerves and increasing the flow of blood. And more blood flow means more healing.

These tables are also useful for recovery from exercise. They help the body flush out waste by increasing the flow of lymphatic fluids. This speeds up the ability of the system to get more oxygen to the muscles.

This means your muscles can recover more quickly from a workout. You get less pain and more gain!

A choice of different inversion tables

There are several inversion tables for sale from Global Health Savers. All of them are top quality and have features that make them easy and comfortable to use.

This excellent table is a wonderful value for the money. It has a heavy duty steel frame and can accommodate users up to 300 pounds.

And this inversion table can invert the user a complete 180 degrees.

At $220, you have the Grand Daddy inversion table, which incorporates the best features of the other table. It will accommodate users of up to 330 pounds.

And the Extreme Inversion Table at $240 offers improved ankle support to go along with all of its other great features.

They are ergonomically designed to work with your body. This makes them easy to use and comfortable.