Search Engine Optimization New York

Search Engine Optimization New York

Search Engine Optimization New York

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Your online business is in New York, you are looking for a local SEO service to work with your company. You want a business that is local enough to visit in person while conducting research on an SEO provider. Choosing an SEO service in New York close to your business gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling of being secure.


On the other hand, your business is not located in New York, but you want an SEO service based out of New York. New York is the business hub of North America, if not the world, you want to be connected to the best.

Having an SEO service in New York will give your company that degree of prestige that will make your business stand out. Either way, local or far away, here is an SEO service located in New York City.

Search Engine Optimization New York
Search Engine Optimization New York

 SEO New York: Lounge Lizard

41 East 11th Street, New York, NY

Tag Line: “Rank First Page on Google”

Only “white hat” backlinking, the company adheres to Google Webmaster’s best practices. Lounge Lizard offers a 4 step approach to their SEO service:

  1. Audit and Research:
  • Evaluate competition.
  • Review your business tactics.
  • Evaluate your website for shortfalls.
  • Look at areas to improve UX/UI.
  1. Online Properties Optimization:
  • Change the website copy to comply with SEO best practices
  • Setup proper header structure
  • Improve cross-linking between pages
  • Setup keyword phrases
  • Putting all the digital properties in the right place.
  1. Web content building that will drive traffic.
  • Blogs
  • Articles
  • Newsletters
  • Setup the sales funnel
  • Complete everything to make your site is up to date and functioning.
  1. Report and Analyze:
  • Report to you the channels that are delivering the needed ROI
  • Up-to-date user reports
  • Constant monitoring performance to ensure long-term and short-term goals met

Some Testimonials:

Kristen: “Very smooth process, great and flexible team. I loved working with LL.”

David: “I am satisfied with the service.”

Micheal: “I can’t recommend them enough.”


Lounge Lizard offers two budget plans for their clients.

  1. Retainer at $2,000 to $5,000 per month.
  2. By the project, starting from $10,000 per project.

Local SEO

Lounge Lizard offers SEO services for those of you who have your business located in New York and want a local presence.

When locals use “near me” searches, they will be connected to your website. Using “Google My Business” will help increase foot traffic and your business will show up on Google maps.

On the maps, potential customers will find directions, hours of operation, contact info and images or your business and or products.

When customers use the local keywords to locate your business, they most likely have a purchase on their minds. This is a tactic to promote customer loyalty and boost your business’ credibility. Lounge Lizard does not reveal pricing on local SEO, they do have several plans, basic, advanced, market pro, and enterprise.


Just a look at a New York-based SEO service company that appears to be very good at the SEO game plan. The testimonials were all positive, no negative reviews, be aware the site may show only positive reviews, dig deeper.

Search Engine Optimization Packages

A Leap of Faith

You have decided to hire an SEO service company, you are in the process of deciding what SEO options you want. Many SEO services offer package options based on what your business actually needs to get the improvements you want.

You have done your homework and learned that you need to maximize three key elements:

  • Links – First, by quality, second by quantity. Importance to your website – 60%.
  • Content – Unique standard text expertly crafted. Importance – 35%.
  • Code & Data – Website technical stuff. Importance – 5.0%

Simply put SEO packages are the bundling of services together to balance out the cost and time to optimize your site.

SEO Package, What Is It?

Basic SEO packages are usually done on a month to month with a contract minimum and maximum under a fixed fee.Results often take from 1 to 6 months after implementing SEO changes, an excellent guideline to work from.

  • Always remember you are improving your website SEO footprint for the benefit of those who use it.

SEO Package, What Is In It?

  1. A desktop analysis of your website to determine the current status. The results will help you decide how to prioritize the SEO package.
  2. The SEO agency will run keyword research to determine the keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

This task is one of the first completed.

The following may be included.

  1. Research tools
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Analyzing keywords used by competitors
  4. A review of language on social media sites
  5. Users/clients/suppliers survey.

Linking – External Inbound

Your research is complete and you know the importance of other similar websites linking to your site. This is critical to improving Search Engine rankings of your site, to have off-page optimization.

Linking to quality websites is seen by Google as a vote for or a validation of your site and will rate it more positively. As mentioned earlier, link building is a priority.

Content Is King

You have heard that before haven’t you? Creating content that describes what your website is all about is next on the SEO to do list. Expertly crafted, original content that shows you have the expertise and knowledge to be a leader in your niche.

Google is the leader in searching out and ranking good quality content. Every month or sooner, SEO and your website should be creating new content if you are in a very competitive market.

Website Page Links 

Often called internal links, allowing visitors to your site to navigate from one page to another smoothly.

This ease of access on your site by users is what will bring them back for another look. This is also part of the user experience (UX), how easy or difficult a website is to navigate.

Monthly Status Report

Once your website’s SEO package is in place, you should receive an on-time monthly report. That report should include:

  • Your keyword rankings.
  • Summary of backlinks, especially new ones.
  • How much organic traffic your website is generating.

A Final Note

There you have it a brief outline, by no means the full story on SEO packages. When working with an SEO service, company pricing is essential. Some companies offer monthly packages starting around $500.00 going as high as $2,500.00.

If you want the work done by the hour, consider that you will pay at least $125.00 per hour and as high as $200.00 or more. Remember, it takes one to six months for results to start improving.