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Shark Navigator Vacuum Review

Shark Navigator

The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner most consider it is the best vacuum cleaner out there too. Also known as Shark Navigators or NV22L, these machines are very powerful yet still they are very affordable. They are lightweight and can easily be maneuvered and have a powerful suction ability which can conquer any pet hair. There are many advantages to using Shark Navigator upright vacuum cleaner that you usually won’t find in vacuums with this price range. For around $200 you can get these cleaners and for the period of certain promotions; as a free bonus a Shark steam mop will be included.

The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner uses what they call Infinity Technology. The vacuum creates a suction that is so powerful it pulls up to a percentage of 99, collecting debris and dirt away from the filter therefore; there will be fall in power or suctioning ability. Also a double motor system is included. Among the brush rolls motors are being operated. So switching from carpet to bare floors is as easy as switching the motor that powers the brush.

For a complete house cleaning you can get all the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum attachments to buy. You can also clean furniture tops and bookshelves with the hose that stretches an extended length of 12 feet. For a perfect clean for crumbs from a cushion or pet hair, you can use the crevice tool. Not to worry stairs and upholstery won’t be left behind as the power brush turbo was designed with pet hair in mind! It serves the purpose of lifting it from the stairs and upholstery. You can also read the best corded handheld vacuum for stairs reviews and buying guides.

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Shark Navigator

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner glides on wheels smoothly, making the vacuum easy to handle. Being only 15 pounds makes it lightweight and you can clean a wide surface as its power cord is up to 30 feet. The possibility of cleaning a room entirely without stopping and switching plug-ins is not farfetched. No need to worry about the furniture of other pesky obstacles because the Shark stress-free to swivel and push.

Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner the best vacuum cleaner was manufactured also to save you money, with the debris being collected in a cup instead of a bag you are not spending unnecessarily on replacement bags. To keep the filter working properly you have a low maintenance duty of rinsing out the cup two a year.

Best vacuum cleaner being the Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner was designed ergonomically for comfort and ease of use. They are easy to use and finding storage space should not be a hassle because it is small so stowing away when you are not using it is easy. With this vacuum you are guaranteed a warranty that is limited five years, however, they are sturdy so they will be endure years of being used. After the preliminary investment, the cost of operating it is virtually non-existent except the power to electrify.

The Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner is suited for any house, even if you have pets or not.  However, if you are an animal lover you can go ahead and an adopt a dog or cat because thanks to this vacuum it is equipped with the power to lift hair with its attachments. When seeking a new vacuum, you might be overwhelmed with several decisions. Going for the cheapest type does not always work out to be the best choice; it might not be able to stand up against pet hair.

In order for a vacuum cleaner to work efficiently, the vacuum must have enough suction power to pick up dirt effectively. Therefore, they should be built with technologies that are able to make your filter clog-free, if not then your motors will become bog down and you will be required to pull the machine apart in order to clean it. That type of cleaning process creates for you a hassle, but with the Shark vacuums, you can bypass the stress because it self-cleans and the motors are powerful.

The NV22L Shark Navigator vacuum is bagless. So paying for regular maintenance is ancient history.

All you need to do is clean the filter that is washable when you see that it is now full of debris and remember to empty the canister. When you are getting rid of the dust and debris out of the vacuum the washable filters can be seen.