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Our Technology Demonstration at SID

For years, display makers have considered introducing field sequential color for TV applications. This technology doesn’t need any color filters, so it has great promise for very low power TV. The key issue has been an artifact known as “color breakup.” As viewers scan their eyes across the screen, it is possible to see colors separate. This is especially true for images such as black and white stripes.

For our prototype demonstration, we have collaborated with Samsung to develop PenTile RGBCW with FSC in order to demonstrate that color breakup can be almost entirely eliminated. And at the same time, it is possible to get extraordinary color gamut and very low power consumption through the use of RGB LEDs in a 2D dimming backlight. New algorithms allow us to smoothly stitch together FSC, PenTile RGBCW and the 2D RGB backlight to show what is possible for wide color and power savings of about 75% compared to legacy RGB stripe TVs.

If you’re going to be at Display Week 2011, you won’t want to miss this.