Galaxy Nexus PenTile OLED now getting great reviews!

As more people are getting experience with the Galaxy Nexus, PenTile OLED 720HD display the reviews are coming back very favorable.  That is because we have now entered the “sweet spot” for PenTile resolution performance where pattern visibility is nearly impossible for most people to see.  Anyone who is seeing  pattern visibility here is also seeing pattern visibility on many popular RGB stripe displays.

Ron Amadeo of Android Police said:

…First off, forget all that technical Pentile stuff. I want to hate Pentile, I really do, but the screen is just gorgeous. I’m normally the type to complain about Pentile’s checkerboard layout, but the pixels are so tiny I just can’t see it. No one else notices it either, everyone that sees the phone marvels at how good it looks…

Hubert Nguyen of Ubergizmo

Ferris2375:   I’ve had numerous phones, GS2, iPhone 4…this is the best screen I’ve seen yet.

LaGgY_42o:  Its crazy good, by far the best screen on any device I’ve ever seen, blacks are so black u can’t tell where the phone ends and the screen begins without looking really close. Also u can load up pretty much any page in portrait view with far away zoom and STILL read the really really fine text just fine.

Some have noticed some artifacts at brightness settings of less than 40% described as vertical banding.  Others have complained about yellowish displays.  Such yellowish characteristic apparently is not appearing in every Galaxy Nexus.


I have 2 Gnexes and all i can say is that the screen is great and the screen is bad.
Well basically one of them have a yellowish screen like most reviewers talked about.
The other though has clear whites, nearly as clear as iPhone screen, which is by far has the best whites on a phone screen.
The one with the yellow tint is useable and still is a good screen but its not great or anything.
The other one though is the best screen I’ve ever used.
So keep in mind that your experinces about the screen might vary depending on your device. As far as i can tell this is actually a known issue with AMOLED screens.

While I am not going to speculate on the cause for such banding or yellowish colors, some bloggers have correctly pointed out that these are not PenTile related artifacts.  Nothing about PenTile varies between displays.  Nor is there any aspect of the algorithms that is configured in bands.

Still one other dot counter, Flanimal felt that an HD 720 PenTile display was a waste of compute power.

…The GPU has to do the work for the full 1280×720 resolution, yet not all of this work is converyed on the display…

This commenter still cannot accept the fact that there are as many pixels in this display as there are in an RGB stripe, despite fewer subpixels.  Another way of saying this is that there are as many luminance centers here as for the equivalent RGB stripe.  While there is reduction in density of red and blue chrominance centers, these are still in excess of the density that can be seen in the human vision system.  For PenTile displays the reduction in the computation better matches what we see.  If anybody doubts that we have 720 HD worth of data, you should compare the Galaxy Nexus with a screen full of data to the iPhone 4GS with the identical number of subpixels and quickly prove to yourself that the Galaxy Nexus is capable of displaying much more information.

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