Larger WVGA OLED Phone Displays

I have noticed a question reoccurring recently about some larger SVGA phones being announced at CES.  It can be said in general that an WVGA format (800 x 480) OLED phone with more than 4.1-inch diagonal will be an RGB stripe display rather than PenTile OLED.  Such a large WVGA format, such as that in the newly announced Nokia Lumina 900 (4.3-inch WVGA) would be too coarse of a pixel density to recommend PenTile due to increased pattern visibility.  For sizes of 4.1″ or less for WVGA it is necessary to use PenTile to enable the manufacturing of a phone that meets the required specifications for an OLED display in a phone.  This says nothing about any given manufacturers preference for RGB stripe over PenTile or PenTile over RGB stripe, but a simple decision based upon the size and resolution of the display.

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