Opportunity to Learn More About PenTile Technology

For those who would like more information about PenTile OLED and PenTile RGBW technologies for mobile products, you may wish to attend the up coming talk by Nouvoyance CEO Candice Brown Elliott in Southern California, “AMOLED vs. Hi-Res LCD for Premium Cell Phones”.  She will be speaking at the Los Angeles Society for Information Display Chapter’s annual symposium on “Emerging Display Technologies” on February 3rd, 2012.  For more information regarding attending the symposium, visit the LA SID Chapter website:  http://www.sid.org/ConferencesExhibits/LAChapterEmergingDisplayTechConference.aspx


Ms. Brown Elliott will also be speaking in Northern California, at Stanford University on the 28th of February on the topic of “Reducing Field Sequential Color Break-Up Artifacts using a Hybrid Display with Locally Desaturated Virtual Primaries”.  This talk will cover the development of the PenTile Hybrid Multi-Primary Field Sequential Color display that was demonstrated by Samsung in their DisplayWeek 2011 booth last May in Los Angeles.  For more information regarding attending the talk, visit the Stanford Center for Image Systems Engineering website:  http://scien.stanford.edu/

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