Will RGBW help with a checkerboard pattern

The ability to observe pattern visibility is a function of visual acuity in cycles/degree of human vision and the size the pattern.  A person with the ability can see such a checkerboard pattern in a 4-inch WVGA pattern from normal viewing distance can also see stripe patterns on many popular RGB stripe panels being sold today.  For an RGBW panel the checkerboard pattern at the lower dpi range of PenTile OLED applications is only visible for fully saturated green or red on black. With an RGBW panel at any lesser color saturation the blacks in the checkerboard are filled in with the white subpixels to improve the brightness and to reduce this effect.

At 300 dpi on a tablet panel, which is typically viewed from 50% further away, about 18 inches, even the most saturated red and green on black as the worst case condition will not have any apparent checkerboard since the ability to resolve this will require vision of nearly 50 cycles/degree.  Few of us have vision which is that good.

So that brings me to the comment on zooming in to see text that is less clear.  First of all, your eyes do not have a zoom feature.  At least mine don’t.  These panels are designed to be viewed at a certain distance.  It is like saying that a tapestry when zoomed in shows the artifact of the stitches, or that a half tone print when zoomed in shows dots.  Of course they do, but that is not how they are used.  Secondly, if you do zoom in on black and white text, you will see the same detail in even single stroke fonts for PenTile as you do for RGB stripe.  Examples that have been shown in one recent blog say that it makes it look less sharp, but these images show otherwise.  Look at the black spot at the top of the “n”, where the curve meets the straight stem in the RGB stripe and compare that to PenTile. If it were less than sharp that single pixel black dot would not be there.

Single pixel dot at top of PenTile "n" is equal to RGB stripe


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