The Frequent Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

Each year, seventy thousand pedestrians are injured. Along with that, four thousand die in accidents. With the increasing number of vehicles and the volume of traffic growing, these numbers may unfortunately go up. For people who live in California, consulting abogados de accidentes de trabajo Los Angeles can be a good idea. These accidents take a lot of time and could be a hassle, so we compiled the most frequent causes of these accidents down low to help you learn to avoid them.

First of all, we usually see the improper usage of the roads. Pedestrians should know when to cross the streets and not just go on whenever they want to. Unmarked crosswalks are also a frequent sight of accidents. Drivers need to be reminded of pedestrian lanes to let them slow down. Left turns are three times more prone to accidents than right turns. Drivers are usually observing intersections while pedestrians are looking forward.

Electronic devices and phones can be culprits for accidents, too, especially in this generation where technology has kept a lot of people hooked to their phones and tablets. Hybrids and silent cars are ideal especially if you want to keep peace in your neighborhood. However, people in residential areas cannot hear them leading to a lot of damage.

Half of all pedestrian accidents happen on weekends, and seventy percent occur at night. A big reason for this is dark clothes and alcohol. Drivers under the influence of alcohol can’t see clearly at night, so people with dark clothing are much harder to perceive. Lastly, highway accidents are frequent so if you ever get involved in an accident, contact an abogados de accidentes automovilisticos Mission Viejo.

The Frequent Causes of Pedestrian Accidents

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