Your tires will determine a lot of your vehicle’s safety

all-weather tires

When it comes to a vehicle’s safety, it is a combination of how safe the vehicle is and how safe the tires are. The tires are more involved in if there will be an accident and the car will more decisive in how well you will survive a crash. The safest car with bad tires will still experience accidents if the tires are in bad condition. It is very important to have the correct tires for the weather conditions that you might experience when you drive. Driving with all-season tires or tires that are not approved for winter conditions, during winter conditions is very dangerous. In the worst case you will basically not have any grip or traction.

When selecting tires for your vehicle you need to decide what tires that you will need during the year. Do you need a set of all-season tires and a set of winter tires and alternate between the seasons?  If you don’t have any winter weather during the year, then you can use all-season tires, but if you have winter conditions, then you will need winter tires. If the winters are not so harsh you can also choose to use an all-weather tire that can handle both summer and winter weathers. Whichever solution you choose, you need to make sure that you have high quality tires. This will provide you with the best safety regardless of what weather you will face. The best option if you have winters, is always to have a set for summers and another set for winters. This will keep you the safest during the winters and will give you the best performance during the summer.

All-season tires are not made for winter driving, but you do nowadays have some winter approved all-season tires, so that you can actually use the tires for all the season. The name all-season makes people believe that you can use the tires for any season, while this is not recommended as they are not intended for winter use. This is due to the fact that the rubber compound used us not intended for winter temperatures and will become hard and will therefore lose its traction.

During the summers it is mostly the heavy summer rains that can cause problems, so you need good tires that can help to prevent aquaplaning. Tires have developed a lot and new innovations in the tread design have been launched that enhances the flow of water away from the surface to help prevent the occurrence of aquaplaning. For the winter you need to make sure that you have proper tires that can handle snow, ice and slush. These conditions are impossible to cope with if you have summer tires. A winter approved all-weather tires can manage in these conditions, but if the winters are severe you are better off with changing tires. This change is then done between the seasons and you need to make sure that you change the tires in time before the winter weather arrives.

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