How to Prevent Shipping Damage

If you own a business and want to save thousands of money on the expenses of shipping, there are things you can do. You can use flat rates on products delivered. Buy a printer with a label. You can customize your company’s label on the shipping packages for extra branding

Make sure the box is just the right size for your product when packing your items to be shipped, or find a cheaper alternative to void filling. The best way to save your shipping budget is to have many choices and avoid getting locked in one carrier.

Choosing a different carrier for each of your packages might seem difficult every now and then but these carriers give different rates depending on the weight, size and destination of your packages. By giving yourself the opportunity to be open with plenty of options, you can cut expenses and go with the most advantageous prices.

Don’t forget to also use Zone Skipping. This is a consolidation service where all the parcels going to one destination are collected and one freight shipment sent to ship all those packages.

For more details, contact a customs broker or logistics freight in the Philippines like Excelsior Philippines.

How to Prevent Shipping Damage - Infographic

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