How Can We Improve Construction Productivity & Profit?

In every construction project, money is what matters most. It is important to have a steady fund income, which is crucial in every construction project. Cash flow can procure the material, pay salaries, fund new projects, and finance other functions of the company’s day to day operations. Steady cash flow can make or break a business-especially in the construction industry. Controlling the costs when a project commences is vital to avoid failure. It will help you be prepared in case of possible problems that can interrupt your current progress. is the modern-day cost tracking solution. Livecosts connect your forecasts to your site in real-time, giving you complete control and sight of every project cost. They manage this through their four key pillars: Project Dashboard, Suppliers tracking, Pricing Catalogue, and Site App.

Project Dashboard will show you the critical data important in your business, allowing you to analyze the important information. It will keep you notified about budget information that will give you full financial control, active phase reports, and connect office and field. Suppliers tracking is done by LiveCosts smart scanning technology that will monitor all your costs and notify you when you are being overcharged. It includes invoice automation, price monitoring, purchase orders, and delivery approval.

Pricing Catalogue will help you make quick, accurate decisions that will impact your project delivery and budgets by collecting data that will allow better cost control in construction projects. It includes Suppliers Price Comparison, Auto Populated Categories, Unique tagging System, and Access Suppliers Files. If you’re worried about productivity, Site App can help in monitoring. LiveCosts provides key field personnel with an app that collects and feeds live data connecting office and field in real-time. It includes Time Tracking and Log Deliveries.

If you’re interested, visit to learn more about them and how they operate.

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