A Look At The People Who Can Benefit From Hormone Therapy St Louis

Hormone Therapy St Louis

Whether or not to take hormone therapy St Louis is a question that you may be asking yourself right now.  While it is true that this therapy has a lot of benefits, it a good  idea to first talk to a hormone specialist St Louis MO to find out if indeed it is something that you can benefit from. Talk to the specialist about your individual symptoms as well as health risk, and make sure that you keep the conversation going throughout your menopausal years.

So who exactly can benefit from hormone replacement therapy St Louis?  People who have moderate to severe hot flashes can  make use of this treatment.  Up to this day, systematic estrogen therapy is the not effective treatment for providing a relief against the troublesome  menopausal night sweats and hot flashes.

People who have other symptoms of  menopause can also make use of hormone therapy.  Estrogen can help ease vaginal symptoms of menopause,  such as itching, dryness, burning as well as discomfort during intercourse.

You can also find hormone therapy to be very useful if there is need to prevent bone loss or fractures.  Systematic estrogen can help protect against  osteoporosis, which is  a disease that causes the thinning of the bones.  However, the hormone specialist St Louis MO that you will talk to may recommend medications  referred to as bisphosphonates for treating osteoporosis. But estrogen therapy will be a better alternative if you cannot tolerate other treatments or are not finding them to be beneficial.

Hormone therapy St Louis  can also be helpful to people who are experiencing  early signs of menopause or have estrogen deficiency.  If you have stopped having periods before age 45 or have had your ovaries surgically removed, your body has less estrogen. This treatment can help reduce the risk of certain health conditions, such as heart disease and osteoporosis.

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