Importance of Bill of Lading

Receipts contain vital information on goods and services acquired from a seller, including the item’s type and quantity. Likewise, it serves as proof of the transaction between a customer and the business.

In the context of cargo shipments, a bill of lading serves as the official receipt or document that certifies an agreement made between parties regarding the transportation to a specific quantity of goods.

An organized issuance of a bill of lading with accurate information ensures a seamless transfer process of goods and guarantees that the items included in the shipment are precise to what is indicated on the document.

A reputable Manila logistics company in the Philippines can help clients transport goods to anywhere they need. Hiring a trusted company ensures clients that the items are complete, safe, and secure during transport, and will arrive at the destination in its original condition.

Companies that provide brokerage services in Manila can help individuals prepare the necessary shipping documents, file and process customs entry, and expedite the delivery of imported cargo to its destination.

Having the essential documents for any transaction ensures the receiver will exactly get what they procured from the sender. Provided below is an infographic from Excelsior on the importance of the bill of lading.

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