How to Record Text Message for Trial and Legal Matters?

A few years ago, people considered text messaging as an unprofessional act when it comes to business etiquette. Times have changed as most customers now prefer text messages as a form of communication. Text messages are preferred by most people than their alternatives for professional or personal purposes.

There are a few reasons why most people prefer texts, and one of them is because they have more time texting than calling. There are cases where phone calls are more necessary than text messages, but there are moments that your customers may be upset if they think that you should have texted them instead of wasting minutes in a phone call.

Similar to email, both businesses and customers exchange information during a conversation using text messages, and archiving them for future reference is essential. Emails are easier to access in terms of past messages as you can type them. However, text messaging brings an instantaneous feel.

Another reason why most people prefer text messages is that they have no proper notification set for emails. This case is different for text messages as you can quickly feel the vibrate or hear the ringtone of your phone once you received a text message. Furthermore, phone calls are not usually recorded, unlike text messages.

A text message is written down, and in nature, the conversation is recorded. The thing that businesses have to learn is how to archive messages. A customer can see your text message immediately a user receiving it, and registering them is not much of a hassle.

Another benefit of using text messages as a medium of communication is that your clients can access information before replying to a text. This process cannot be done in a phone call. They can also reply at a text message anytime, unlike calls where there are some situations that they can’t or email if they have no internet access.

It is also easier to put promo codes, links, and attachments to text messages compared to calls and voicemails. Most users already have internet access on their phones, and any business-related transaction is more comfortable. If you have instruction, a client needs to follow, sending a text makes it easier to follow as they can reread the instructions.

From a point-of-view of a customer, they would always assume that your company can be texted. They would not understand that your company has the latest technology or if your company is outdated. Your customers would think that you are capable of doing what other businesses could do as well. You only have to make sure that you can be texted.

Some customers will also try to reach out using phone calls, especially if they have questions or complaints. It is a good idea to have both channels so your customers will be at ease when contacting you. If your company can easily be approached at any time of day, your reputation as a brand will increase significantly.

You should keep in mind that every time you get into a conversation with a client is to record the conversations you are having. Recording text messages are essential if ever to keep track of what’s going on with business transactions. If something shady happens, you can also use your conversations as a shred of evidence.

Recording text messages are vital because they can serve as proof if someone did not commit to your terms and conditions. If you want to know how to record text messages, you can always check this TeleMessage infographic.

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