Minimizing the Effects of Supply Chain Disruption during the Pandemic

The supply chain of various businesses worldwide suffered greatly due to the coronavirus pandemic due to more noticeable disruptions than those appearing during natural disasters hindering operations. COVID-19 made it more challenging to handle packages and deliver them to clients. Trusting in reliable customs brokerage in Manila allows businesses to have a smoother shipping process even during a crisis.

Besides a reliable customs broker in Philippines, businesses must also stay in touch with their suppliers and get an idea regarding their own contingency plans. Companies that know how their suppliers operate can adjust to maintain their supply chain and continue operations.

When handling shipments, it’s advisable to ship items in bulk containers to limit workers’ contact and prevent people from touching the small packages. A forklift handles the bulk containers when shipping goods, effectively keeping people from touching them.

Companies must also ensure that their workers use sufficient personal protective equipment when working on shipments. The employees’ security from COVID-19 must be prioritized to ensure that a company is successful. Promoting sanitation and proper hygiene is also vital to remind the employees on how they can keep themselves safe from the disease.

For more information, see this infographic by Excelsior.

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