How To Purchase The Right Used Injection Molding Machine

When it comes to purchasing a used injection molding machine that you can use for manufacturing plastic parts in your business, you need to know the steps to follow in order to avoid ending up with the wrong machine. During your search, you will come across many types of injection molders on the market, but some of them may not be suitable to your needs. The following are some of the things you should do in order to choose the right machine to use in your company.

First of all, make sure that you know the parts that you intend to mold with the machine that you will choose. If you purchase a machine and then start using it for molding parts that are not suited to it, it could result into frustration with ongoing quality problems, machine and mold damage as well as slow cycle times.  So make sure that you know the part plastic material that you intend to mold,  the weight, average wall section, length x width x height, gate location, quality requirements, estimated cycle time as well as maximum flow length  from the gate. With the correct part information, you will have an easy time finding the right injection unit size, clamp tonnage requirements as well as the machine type.

Another thing that you should do when looking for the right used injection molding machine is check the injection pressure. To be able to make quality plastic parts consistently in your company, you need to make sure that the molding process will not be limited by injection pressure.  It is a good to have at least ten percent of injection pressure in reserve. That way, the molding machine can automatically adjust to normal variation in the plastic material viscosity.

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