A Look At The Downsides Of The SmileDirectClub Program

You have probably heard of SmileDirectClub and are wondering if it is something that you could give a try, or you may already be in the process of  trying to take advantage of a SmileDirectClub discount so that you can get the perfect teeth.  Before you go all the way with that decision, it would be a good idea to know all the downsides  as well as risks associated with this program, and even take time to check out the SmileDirectClub before and after results of the people who have already given the program a try.

One of the downsides with  SmileDirectClub is that there is no relationship with the person handling the procedure. The thing about the  profession of dentistry is that it is based on doctor/patient relationship. When the doctor goes to school, they get education as well as training that is required  to address the needs of their patients.  SmileDirectClub operates on a company/consumer relationship,  which can be very dangerous especially when  it comes to dealing with mouth health.  When you purchase from a company, they play the number:  even though  they want to make the most people satisfied and happy, but they do not understand  that some just will not be and  are not bothered  by individual needs.

Another downside with using SmileDirectClub for getting the smile of your dreams is that there is no recourse. In case you do not get the results you wanted, in case something hurts, in case everything goes haywire – there is nobody to see. The dentist that you are paired with  every 90 days is seeing a lot of people,  meaning that there is no chance to form a personal relationship with them.

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