The Benefits Of A New Jersey Reserve Study

A New Jersey reserve study is a great tool to project reserve item quantity sizes as well as future costs. It contains detailed information about the long lasting reserve of a community association, which includes things such as roofing, paving, painting, recreation areas, clubhouses and various other items. It projects how long an item will last, how long that item has before a replacement is needed, its current cost, as well as its future cost. This is vital information when it comes to preparing the annual budget for the community association.

So who exactly can a New Jersey reserve study help? One group of people that this study can help is the board of directors. This is because this people are directly involved in establishing the budget of the next year, and reserve items are a very important items of that budget. Without a reserve study, it means that the board of directors will need to take a wild guess on reserve, something that can lead to underfunding as well as a big special assessment either in the short term or in the long term.

A New Jersey reserve study can also be beneficial to homeowners. This study puts the homeowners in a more sound long term track. It can help eliminate special assessments, or if not, minimize them. It is the most fair as well as equitable way to fund long lasting items.

The reserve study can also be useful to the association as a whole.  In some communities, they have a reserve schedule that they set up themselves. The problem is that some associations do not include all of the proper items on their reserve schedule. During a reserve study, you will some ideas of the items that you should be funding but you are not currently funding.

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