How To Purchase Used Injection Molding Machines

Are you looking for the right used injection molding machines to purchase? It is  imperative that you take your time to look for the right machine if you want to make quality parts consistently and profitably. With the right machine,  you will be able to keep the production costs low and you will also be able to gain a competitive advantage.  In this article, we look at some of the mistakes that you should not make when  purchasing the used machine.

The first mistake you do not want to make is purchasing used injection molding machines that do not work.  Before you go ahead to purchase a used machine,  you need to make sure that it has been fully inspected and tested.  The machine should be in good working condition so that you would not  suffer loss of production  because of multiple breakdowns.

Another mistake you do not want to make is purchasing used injection molding machines  that have large screw diameters. Such screw diameters can cause quality problems  as a result of material degradation. When small shot sizes are used with large screw diameters, the plastic material takes more time being heated by the barrel heaters than  large  shot sizes.  If the shot sizes is smaller compared to the maximum shot capacity of the  injection unit, material degradation is likely to occur especially for heat sensitive materials.

Last but not least, make sure that the used injection molding machine that you are purchasing does not have limited injection pressure. In order to make quality parts consistently, the molding process should not be limited by the injection pressure. A good machine should have at least  10 percent injection pressure in reserve.

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