A Look At The Brazilian Buttock Lift

buttock lift

The Brazilian buttock lift is a plastic surgery procedure that can enhance the appearance of your buttocks through a fat transplant method.  It can help you maximize your body contouring results because the area where the fat is harvested will  appear more toned  while your butt will become more full, round as well as perky.  In order to get the best Brazilian butt lift, consider visiting Dr. Lacerna at LA Plastic Surgery in Sarasota and Branden.

Fat grafting from another area of your body and  injecting it into the buttocks is a much better as well as long term solution because  once the fat is successfully injected into the buttocks, it will stay there for good.  The procedure itself takes less than four hours, but this can vary depending on the number of areas that will be liposuctioned. It will take you about 2 to 4 weeks to recover and resume  normal activity fully.

So who are the best candidates for Brazilian butt lifts? To be able to achieve desired results from this procedure, the fat cells that are transplanted should not be disturbed by pressure or trauma for a number of weeks following the surgery. You will not be able to sit or lie on your  butt  for about 6 weeks. For you to be an ideal candidate for this procedure,  you must be able to handle the inconvenience of not being  able to sit or lie on your buttocks for this period of time.

A Brazilian buttock lift is ideal for anyone who is overall healthy and would like to improve the appearance of the butt,  trunks  and lower body. Some amount of fat must be present in the abdomen, thighs  or back, because these are the most common donor sites.

For more information on the Brazilian buttock lift, visit our website at https://la-plasticsurgery.com/brazilian-butt-lift/

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