CoolSculpting PLUS Body FX For Eliminating Stubborn Fat Cells


Are you looking for an effective, proven way to get rid of stubborn pockets of fat  and cellulite in  your body? While there are a lot of  options at  your disposal thanks to modern body contouring treatments, you should consider CoolSculpting PLUS Body FX that is offered at  MD Age Management in Winter Park, FL. This procedure is a combination of  two popular body contouring treatments,  namely CoolSculpting and Body FX.

CoolSculpting is  a non-invasive aesthetic treatment that uses the application of carefully  controlled  low temperatures to target and freeze fat cells that  are located in the stubborn areas, such as the butt, belly   and thighs. Fat cells usually  freeze at a temperature that is slightly higher compared to  the temperature of the surrounding tissues.  So when cold temperatures are applied, these cells can be frozen without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.  The frozen fat cells start dying off, and with time, the body flushes them out  leaving behind a smoother area that has less visible fat.

On the other hand Body FX is a treatment technique that uses radiofrequency technology to heat up the tissue. Just like CoolSculpting, Body FX is  an entirely non-invasive treatment that can be completed in a single sitting.  The Body FX application causes contraction of the skin,  something that causes the underlying fat cells to melt over time.

Body FX targets more than just fat cells. It also reduces  the appearance of cellulite  as well as dimped skin by easing the loss of elasticity in the treatment area. It leaves the area looking tighter  and smoother than before.  When this method is combined with CoolSculpting,  optimal body contouring results are achieved.

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