Friendly Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

Choosing between living in assisted homes and aging in place is bound to happen as people get older. Many appreciate the perks of living in a ct home care for elders: however, most seniors still prefer to choose the latter. 


The choice of aging in place is driven by a couple of factors that make seniors hesitant to leave their homes’ comfort. It includes the rising costs of long-term care, in addition to the growing senior population. 


For some, the sentimental value of their homes is a vital factor to consider. Older adults have spent most of their cherished years raising their families, leaving it to spend the remainder of their years in an alternative retirement setting is highly unlikely. 


Safety is the utmost concern for seniors who choose to live independently. Addressing this issue involves employing home modifications to support aging in place. There are many hidden risks in a home which requires proper assessment. It is essential to spot areas that seniors may find challenging to navigate, causing them to struggle. Otherwise, failing to conduct the proper home modifications to cater to seniors’ aging needs might lead to unforeseen accidents such as tripping or falling. 


Falls are the leading cause of disability and morbidity for older adults and, therefore, a more critical reason to modify areas leading to such an accident. In contrast to assumptions, home modifications are not always expensive. 


There are typical low-cost modifications, including installing grab bars in the bathroom, increasing lighting wattage, rubber grips for faucets, and many more. Price changes may consist of installing a wheelchair ramp or lowering kitchen counters. 


Regardless of the costs, home modifications should support aging in place to help seniors maintain their living independence. Additionally, it will help save a significant amount of money on senior living. 


For adults who still worry about their elderly loved ones despite applying home modifications, they can seek home care assistance in ct


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