Things To Know About Laser Hair Removal

While most people use hair removal techniques such as shaving, plucking  and waxing, the problem with these techniques is that they provide limited results.  Life is busy, and if you have a lot on your plate, it can be nice to use laser hair removal to free up what time you  can by minimizing your daily grooming routine. Dr. Bengelsdorf and this team at Franklin Skin & Laser have treated many patients with laser hair removal  in their  comfortable office near Cool Springs.  Consider visiting them today if you  are looking for laser hair removal  near me.

With laser hair removal Franklin TN, you can enjoy a smooth and youthful skin every day of the week.   The treatment that you will get at Franklin Skin & Laser is not only efficient, but it is far more pleasant compared to the traditional hair removal techniques such as  electrolysis.  Laser hair removal devices used by this team vaporize  thousands of hairs  at once instead of individually,  and as a result you will be in and out of their office quickly.

Apart from the speed and effectiveness of laser hair removal, this  technique offers  a gentle approach to the widespread treatment of unwanted hair.  During the treatment process,  laser light is directed towards the skin, by it is only absorbed by the pigment in the  hair as heat. This process leaves the surrounding tissue undisturbed. Because of the action of laser light on the pigment, this is a necessary component for ensuring successful treatment.  During your consultation, the doctor will  assess whether there is adequate pigment based on the color of hair available in the treatment area. For lasting results, you may need multiple laser treatment sessions.

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