Signs You Need Dry Eye Treatments

You may be looking for dry eye treatments if you have been suffering  from dry eyes  for some time now. The symptoms of dry eyes are often fleeting, and sometimes you may not even realize that you are suffering from dry eyes. Dr. Patel  believes that  education  is key to living a comfortable life, and at the Wichita Vision Institute  in Wichita, KS, Dr. Patel is well equipped with skills and tools to help  overcome dry eyes.

There are various signs that you can watch out  for to determine if you are the right candidate for dry eye treatments.  One of them is severe, chronic eye pain.  Even though dry eye can be temporary,  chronic dry is a progressive condition,  and it should be a cause for concern.  This is usually accompanied by severe symptoms, like severe, chronic eye pain.  In case over the counter lubricating drops do not help you very much in  easing your symptoms, you can  try a dry eye treatment.

There are some people who feel a sharp pain  in their eyes, but chronic pain can present itself as an extreme stinging and burning sensation. Since dry eyes can damage the surface of your cornea, dry eye treatment is very essential. The cornea is a very sensitive part of the eye because of its extremely high density of  nerve endings. If you have chronic eye pain, it could be a sign that corneal abrasion has occurred because of dry eyes.

Other signs that you need dry eye treatments include intolerance to bright lights,  inability to remove contact lenses,  double vision or blurry vision, and constant use of eye drops. To determine if you need treatment, contact Dr. Patel at Wichita Vision Institute today.

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