Was Your Business Ready for COVID-19?

Many businesses were forced to close down due to the coronavirus pandemic. One reason is that they’re not deemed as an “essential business” that offers services crucial to weathering the pandemic while another is that they don’t have the capabilities to work remotely.

The COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the only thing that can keep a business from operating since other crises can occur. A fire can gut an office and destroy all of a company’s essential equipment and data since it can no longer function, especially if it wasn’t able to back up its files. If a company backed up its files in a secure area, whether offsite or in a cloud server, it could continue operations even in a different location.

Firms can prepare for different types of disasters by investing in technologies, including battery backups (UPS), local backups, online backups, antivirus software, and other hardware. The UPS can keep computers from shutting down abruptly in case of power interruptions and allow employees to shut down their PCs properly. The backups can ensure that if anything happens to the office or to the employees that effectively keeps them from working on-site, the company can continue operations offsite.

The pandemic effectively made remote work a necessity for companies since they couldn’t operate otherwise. Letting the employees use computers secured by up-to-date antivirus software and UPS while giving them access to a secure online backup will allow them to continue working without any worries on data security. A company will also be able to weather situations like the coronavirus pandemic by getting ready for various disruptions ranging from power outages to disasters like the office getting burned down.

It can be challenging to determine what the company needs to stay ready for any sudden occurrences, so it’s best to rely on a reliable IT company that can offer services, including cloud migration in NJ. Such companies can help firms prepare and remain operational and competitive when others were forced to close down or go out of business by their circumstances since they can continue operations offsite.

By investing in technologies recommended by an IT company, a firm can even give their employees remote access to their work computers while using other devices. This method ensures that a company’s data remains secure even when its employees are working remotely. See this infographic by Landau Consulting for more information on how to get ready for other crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

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