A Look At The Omaha Face Plastic Surgery And Medspa Staff

Ashley Fitzgibbons, Our Staff

Holly is among the people that you will meet at Omaha Face Plastic Surgery And Medspa. She grew up in Winfield, KS,  and attended college at Newman University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She kicked off her nursing career at Nebraska Medicine where she was able to work on the Solid Organ Transplant Unit.

From the onset, Holly’s goal has always been  to enter the field of aesthetic medicine, and for that reason, being part of the Omaha Face team is a dream come true for  her. She is very passionate about aesthetics and skincare, and making her patients feel more confident about themselves is her top priority.

Holly is a happily married wife to her husband  Trenton. Besides work, she is passionate about nutrition, fitness, health and wellness.  She also loves traveling, enjoys golf and likes to  spend time with her husband  and their dog. She is an operating room nurse and aesthetic nurse at Omaha Face. She performs a wide range of procedures, including dermaplaning,  radiofrequency microneedling, chemical peels, and more.

Another professional that will meet at Omaha Face Plastic Surgery And Medspa  is Ashley Fitzgibbons. She is the patient care coordinator  and practice manager at this facility. She has an extensive background in  pre-anesthesia testing as well as hospital medicine, which ensures that the patients at this facility get safe and comprehensive care.

Ashley meets with patients at their cosmetic consultation and works to schedule and prepare them for a safe surgery as well as smooth recovery. Besides work, Ashley is happily married to her husband, John, who she has two children with. She enjoys eating out, exercising  as well as a good glass of red wine.

For more information on the Omaha Face Plastic Surgery And Medspa staff, visit our website at https://omahaface.com/facial-plastic-surgery-omaha/staff/


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