A Look At The Services At The Asthma Allergy Centre

Asthma Allergy Centre, Our Providers

The Asthma Allergy Centre is the place to go for food allergy management, sinus management, allergen immunotherapy and so on.  You should not let allergies hold you back from being as productive as you can be in your daily life. At this treatment center, you will get treatments that are tailored specifically to you. They also offer in-office food challenges to help determine if a patient is allergic to certain foods when the history as well as current skin or lab tests suggest the person may not be allergic to that specific food, or may no longer be allergic to that food in case there was a history of an allergic reaction.

At the Asthma Allergy Centre, you will find a number of reputable service providers. One of them is
Dr. Kuo Chang, MD, FAAAAI, FACAAI.  He is a diplomat at the American Board of Allergy  and Immunology, a fellow at the American Academy  of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, and has medical licenses for both Oregon and Washington. He is the one that you will meet once you visit the Asthma Allergy Centre.  Other providers at this centre are Dr. Rayna J. Donnelly and Dr. Michael J. Barrett.

The providers at this center have expertise in treatment of allergies with allergy injections. They provide effective optimal doses which guarantee more effective results.  Allergy injection therapy provides a way  to turn off allergies. After getting monthly desensitization injections for a period of about three years, you will have much fewer allergy symptoms that require none or much less medications. This effect can persist for many years after stopping the injections, and it can greatly improve the quality of your life.

For more information on the services at the Asthma Allergy Centre, visit our website at https://asthmaallergycentre.com/aboutus/


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