Sports Betting Trends for 2021

The future of sports betting in Kenya is bright, and it looks as if the Kenya Sports Commission can help set the sports betting trends in Kenya into motion. The days of bookmakers dictating a game’s fate and placing their bets on a result have long gone. But it is not all smooth sailing, and there are a few challenges that the sports bookmakers face every now and then. The country’s population is also not fully educated on the implications of sports betting, and they remain somewhat confused when it comes to the use of sportsbooks. However, with a little bit of initiative from the government and the sports bookmakers, the situation can improve significantly.

Sports betting in Kenya is not as open and free as people think it to be. The law on live betting in Kenya is still in its infancy, and many officials and lawmakers have not undergone any formal training on how to deal with sports betting issues. The Kenya Sports Awards, which exemplary honor athletes throughout the year, are threatened by some officials for their perceived partiality towards the sports betting sector.

There are efforts, however, by the government and the sports bookmakers, to correct this situation. They have devised a set of rules and regulations that are to be implemented from 2021 onwards. These rules include a ban on live wagering and an increase in the tax charged on sports betting winnings. The hope here is that the younger population, which is generally more educated, will get behind the sport and support it in the same way that the older generations did.

Another interesting point that you may come across as you study future online sports betting trends in 2021 is the fact that there will be very little or no TV coverage of the games that are played. In essence, most bettors will be glued to their computers because they will have no choice. After all, the only channel offering live coverage is the internet. However, this is not a significant issue because many people will be tuning into the matches through their laptops and mobile phones. This should be taken into account because the lack of television coverage will negatively impact the entire betting sector in the long run.

As you study the trends of the future, you will come across another exciting development. For one thing, the betting industry is slowly introducing the concept of online sports betting TOTP (total odds} into the sports betting industry. This means that the sportsbook operators will give sports bettors the option of choosing each game’s exact outcome. This is done by using statistics and player tracking to minimize the margin of risk that the sportsbook customer takes.

Learn more about the latest sports betting trends in Kenya for 2021 by reading the infographic  below brought to you by Chezacash:

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