Tips For 482 Visa Australia Application

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On the 18th  of March 2018, the new 482 visa Australia was implemented and the well-known 457 visa abolished. After a lot of speculation about the proposed changes, the following are some tips for navigating the new 482 visa program which is aimed at sponsoring temporary overseas workers to Australia.

One of the important things you need to know about the 482 visa Australia is that existing approved employer sponsors can continue to sponsor temporary skilled workers to Australia.  If you are an existing standard business sponsor who was approved under the 457 program, you can still be able to sponsor temporary workers for the new 482 visa under the requirements.  You do not have to update your sponsorship approval until near its expiry date, and the renewal process is greatly streamlined for existing sponsors.

Employer sponsors from Australia can also apply for approval as an accredited sponsor where they meet the new and expanded criteria for low risk, low volume sponsors gaining access to priority processing of the 482 applications in as fast as five days. In some cases, there is the possibility of auto grants for these sponsors.

Another important thing to know about the  482 visa Australia is that employers can only sponsor for occupations that can be found on the STSOL list or the MLTSSL list. STSOL are only approved for a two-year visa, except for cases where international trade obligations apply. On the other hand, occupations on the MLTSSL can be approved for four-year visas.

If you are an employer, you are supposed to check the 482 skilled occupation list carefully as well as associated occupation definitions listed in the Australia New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation guide  in order to confirm that the duties of the position you wish to nominate are best matched to the selected nominated occupation code. You also need to consider the additional special requirements that must be satisfied to nominate a lot of the occupations on the list.

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