Things To Know Before Getting A PCR Test Near Me

PCR Test Near Me

Getting a PCR test near me is essential if you are planning to travel internationally. You will need to get tested no more than three days before traveling by air and show your negative result to the airline before you board your flight, or be prepared to show documentation of recovery. You need to have proof of a recent positive viral test as well a letter from your healthcare provider or a public health official showing that you were cleared to travel.

International travel has a lot of risks, and even fully vaccinated travelers are at increased risk for getting as well as possibly spreading the new COVID-19 variants. It is a good idea to delay international travel until you have been fully vaccinated for your own good as well as the safety of the people that you will be interacting with.  You also need to follow the recommended safety measures after international travel.

One of the questions that you may be asking yourself right now is if home tests are applicable. You are supposed to present a lab report to the airline or to public health officials upon request. A home specimen collection kit that is tested in a laboratory has to meet the requirements, if such methods have been authorized by the country’s national health authorities.

A verifiable PCR test result must be in the form of written documentation (paper or electronic copy) of a laboratory test result, and the testing must be conducted using a viral test, and the negative results must be presented to the airline prior to boarding. The documentation of the test result must include information that identifies the person, a specimen collection date as well as the type of test.

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