Tips For Applying For The 482 Visa Australia

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Are you planning to apply for a 482 visa Australia? Also known as the Temporary Skill Shortage visa or “TSS visa”, the subclass 482 is a work visa that allows Australian employers to sponsor a person from overseas to work in their business in Australia. This work visa was first introduced on 19 March 2019, replacing the Temporary Work visa subclass 457 that has been abolished by DHA. You may be eligible for the TSS visa if you have the skills to fill a job position with an Australia employer who is looking to recruit you.

There are three streams to the TSS visa, namely the short-term stream, the medium-term stream, and labor agreement stream. You can choose a stream that applies to you by referring to the Consolidated Skilled Occupations list. If your current occupation makes you eligible under the short-term stream, then the maximum time period that your 482 visa Australia will be approved for is two years. But if your occupation makes you eligible under the medium-term stream, then the maximum time period that your 482 visa will be approved for is four years.

It is important for you to know the eligibility requirements to apply for the 482 visa. The general requirements of the TSS visa are having an occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations list, being nominated for a job position by an Australian employer that wants to recruit you to work for them, having the relevant skills as well as qualifications for your occupation, having at least two years of work experience in your occupation, having vocational English language ability, and being able to satisfy DHA requirements for good character and health. There is no age requirement for this visa.

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