Call monitoring does not only apply to parents monitoring their children. Or even spouses prying into each other’s business. It also applies to organizations. Call monitoring generally is a method of managing quality, improve performance, and enhancement of sales and market strategies by listening to calls and thereafter working on them by fulfilling customer needs among other things.  Call monitoring comes in handy in almost all departments, however, in some it may appear as a waste of resources. Below are some of the departments in organizations that require mobile call monitoring.

The first department that requires mobile call monitoring is the customer service department. The customer service departments tend to receive lots of calls from needy customers daily. Mobile call monitoring in this area will only enhance customer satisfaction when the customer needs and complaints are worked on. Using call barging will enable you to assist a customer service agent when need be or in case of an arrogant customer. Mobile call monitoring may also involve recording calls which might help determine customer needs when listened to keenly afterward.

The second department where mobile call monitoring will come in handy is the sales and marketing departments. Some organizations have separated these departments create to each distinctive department. Through mobile call monitoring when sales agents make sales, managers can determine a deficiency in the methods and tactics used. Feedback afterward will then result in an improved workflow. New agents can gain from the call monitoring by listening to the experienced agents making sales. Listening to the recorded calls will act as a learning point for most. Mobile call monitoring helps keep marketing in check as well and may result in consistency in customers.

Call monitoring may be done discreetly when a worker is suspected of conducting illegal activities in the organization. In other cases, employees in the respective departments are supposed to be made aware when their calls are being monitored.

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