A Look At The Different EMM Tools You Should Consider For Mobile Compliance

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For a lot of companies that operate in the heavily regulated industries, Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) plays a very important role in maintaining compliance with text message archiving regulations. With EMM, organizations can boost the productivity of their employees by allowing them to use mobile devices (CYOD, BYOD, or company-owned) for their tasks while also securing these devices as well as the apps and information that is installed and stored in them.

Due to the rapid advances in enterprise mobility for the past recent years, it is even more challenging for both smaller and medium-sized organizations to identify solutions that can best fit their electronic communication archiving requirements. There are more and more cutting-edge features that are being rolled out by vendors these days; however, there are select capabilities that you should focus on in your company so that your selected EMM platform is robust enough to meet your text message archiving as well as mobile compliance requirements.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is one of the capabilities that you should consider. It is a special EMM tool that allows organizations to customize mobile apps as well as policies based on the specific requirements and use behavior of an individual or group. You will find IAM-integrated mobile policies to be particularly appropriate when a specific employee or department must use certain resources outside of normal operating hours of your business. Another ideal use case for IAM is when certain users have to be restricted in accessing applications that are designated for only top-level organization personnel.

With TeleMessage, you can get mobile archiving solutions that can be fully integrated with the industry-leading EMM providers in the market. By combining the enterprise mobile control with TeleMessage’s powerful Mobile Archiver products, you organization can be able to retain mobile SMS, records voice calls, as well as emails, WhatsApp chats, and other mobile content, while enforcing EMM’s policy to provide employees with the freedom to communicate in real-time.

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