Is Your Diesel Engine Truck Ready for Summer?

As the summer season starts, trucks transporting goods are expected to rule the highway, which means a massive increase in pollution from harmful diesel engines. Fortunately, as we become more aware of the detrimental effects of these chemicals, we can create diesel engines that are budget and environment friendly. However, not everyone is already well aware of the possibilities of biodiesel.

Have you been wondering about the question “can I put biodiesel in your diesel truck”? Well, the answer to that is YES! Diesel that contains vegetable oil or animal fats can be used instead of petroleum diesel fuel. The advantage of using biobutanol is that car engines can easily be converted to burn biobutanol in its natural form.

The conversion of vehicles to run on alternative fuel is not a new idea. However, for years scientists have been trying to develop diesel that would burn better than gasoline and better the environment. The biggest challenge has been to make it chemically stable in air and water. Biodiesel has an advantage over fossil fuels because it cannot dissolve in these liquids.

While there may be a disadvantage in using biodiesel as a substitute fuel as it takes longer to generate than traditional biofuels, with the advancements in technology, more biofuels can be processed quickly and be turned into usable diesel quickly. This will significantly reduce travel times for those who wish to travel using alternative fuel. In addition, as technology advances, more people worldwide will be able to afford the benefits of using biodiesel.

Feel free to explore why it’s the best choice for your engine this summer from the infographic we have below.


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