Why You Need to Reface Kitchen Cabinets

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Purchasing a new kitchen cabinet can be costly for some homeowners. Thus, they look for alternative options to maintain organization and protect their loved ones from unexpected accidents and health risks within the kitchen.

Refacing can be the most affordable method for them. As its name implies, refacing changes the visible external parts of your kitchen cabinet. Replacing old doors and drawer fronts with veneer is one of the processes of refacing. House owners may seek assistance from kitchen cabinet Chino remodelers and highly-rated related firms to do the refacing job, and here are the reasons why:

Less-time consuming, less money

Replacing your old and worn-out cabinet can be complicated and time-consuming. Installing a new cabinet needs extensive planning as residents should consider factors like kitchen space before accomplishing it.

On the contrary, kitchen cabinet refacing takes a day or two on average to complete. And that’s the reason why most homeowners prefer it and set aside buying a new one as it is less hassle and saves money at the same time.

Protects the environment

Refacing prevents you from dumping your old and tattered kitchen cabinet in the landfill. Kitchen cabinet renovation businesses also recycle and reuse the old cabinet parts, essential for waste segregation. Indeed, the longer you use your cabinet, the better for nature.

Besides, refacing prevents people from cutting more trees in the forest for new cabinet construction.

Removes mold and mildew

Destroying your old cabinet can release the hiding mold and mildew in your kitchen. These two can contaminate your kitchenware and the whole cooking area. And you don’t want your family to get exposed to these contaminants.

Refacing offers a healthy and hygienic approach to solving the issue, as applying veneer helps eliminate mold and mildew.

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