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Choosing the right necklace set for you can make or break your outfit, so you must know how to select the best chain to complement your wardrobe and your particular body shape. Necklaces are available in a wide variety of lengths, shapes, sizes, materials and styles. This makes finding the right one very challenging. I’ll quickly go through a few tips that should help you choose a necklace to wear.

The first thing to consider is your body size. Necklaces come in different sizes, which is important to consider when determining how to choose the best chain for yourself. More petite women should wear smaller necklaces, preferably no longer than chin length. You may not think that this would matter, but it does. A small princess necklace with a large diamond on top would look out of place on a small girl, whereas a long princess necklace worn with a short blouse and long pants would be unflattering on a tall girl.

There are also various necklace lengths available. This includes choker necklace lengths, ankle-length, floor-length, long length and even headband lengths. It’s essential to know how to choose the right size before you start searching. Otherwise, you could find yourself surprised by other people’s reactions once you have selected a particular necklace length. Some people may appreciate your choosing a different size than they would prefer, while others would be offended.

When looking at the different necklace lengths, you should consider what you would like as a style statement. Are you into long choker necklace lengths, choker necklaces with interchangeable drop chains, choker necklace looks best with your office suit or a casual dress? Or perhaps you favour shorter distances, such as those from the ankle up. Is your hair up or down? All of these things should go into determining the right necklace length for you.

How to choose the right necklace length also includes matching the choker pieces with the necklaces. Although some of the more prominent name brand names will have a wide variety of necklaces to choose from, you still want to ensure you are getting a quality piece. There is nothing worse than purchasing a cheap knock necklace that will not last and look awful. Make sure you do not sacrifice quality to save a few dollars. Cheaper imitations of the big brand name necklaces can often look about as good as the real thing, so always make sure you are getting a genuine piece rather than a cheap knock-off.

Finally, the neckline length can also play into how to choose the best necklace length for you. For example, if you have a rectangle or a heart-shaped face, you’ll want to choose a choker that complements your facial features to give off an overall, more elegant appearance. If you have a long neck or a more tapered face, on the other hand, a shorter necklace will elongate your face, making you appear shorter and adding grace to your overall look.

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