Safety Features You Should Consider Before Purchasing a Car

Before you buy a car in any store in the Philippines, you should always consider the safety features that your prospective car has. These features can prevent many injuries and even deaths should an accident ever happen. It is essential to consider these things, especially if you are driving around with many cars.

Aside from the standard safety for cars that include the built-in seatbelts, airbags, car brake system, car insurance Philippines, and window and door locks, here are other safety features that you need to look at before purchasing a new or even a second-hand car:

Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control (ESC), which uses sensors to detect and compensate for the loss of traction, prevents the vehicle sliding or skidding. This safety feature is useful when driving in bad weather or on poor roads. This safety feature is handy for taller vehicles such as SUVs and pickup trucks with a higher tendency to roll over.

Traction Control

Traction control is an electronic system that increases the vehicle’s grip to reduce wheel spin during acceleration. It gives the driver greater control over their car.

This safety feature helps reduce accidents by giving drivers greater control over their steering. The traction control, just like ESC, can help to lower rollovers for heavy vehicles.

Tire pressure monitoring system

A tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), a safety feature, alerts drivers when tire pressures fall below the recommended PSI. The dashboard displays the TPMS symbol and continuously monitors tire pressure. This symbol can represent a tire’s cross-section, an exclamation mark, or an overhead showing a vehicle with all four tires visible.

Safety features are essential when comparing or scouting for car models. While most of these safety features are standard on new cars, it is vital to check and compare car insurance PH in these features to purchase a used car.

There are many safety features that one can add to a car to make it more reliable and comfortable to use. When you check on these features, they will increase the car’s value in your possession.

Learn more about car safety features through this infographic of

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